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Fifth Annual 24-Hour Play Project
January 2006

The concept is simple: create and perform new works of theater in the space of a single day. The project is an exhilarating and collaborative performance experience in which several 10-minute vignettes are written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours. Theatre Unbound was the first company to bring the 24-Hour Play concept to the Twin Cities.

Church Bus:
Written by Brenda Bell Brown and Toni Halleen
Directed by Katharine Horowitz
Featuring Bonnie Allen and Erin Appel

Mixed Emotions:
Written by Betty Liedtke, Tammy Shanley and Peg Flaherty
Directed by Cheryl Moore Brinkley
Featuring Karen Wiese-Thompson, Noë Tallen, Kristin Richardson and Christopher Kidder

Cassandra 2006:
Written by Cherie Anderson and Matthew A. Everett
Directed by Carin Bratlie
Featuring Mikki Daniels, Kara Greshwalk, Margot Parker, Amber Bjork, Jen Rand and Sara Schmidt Boldon

The Mask:
Written by Mariah Christensen and David Lind
Directed by Gretchen Weinrich
Featuring Jennifer Conway, Angela Marsh and Richard Logan

At the Everlasting Cocktail Party in the Sky:
Written by Anne Dimock and Mirian Monasch
Directed by Wendy Resch Novak
Featuring Maggie Pistner, Carin Leonard-Gorrill, Mary C. Karcz and Laura Wiebers

Ford Every Stream:
Written by Anne Bertram and Carol Critchley
Directed by Laura Wilhelm
Featuring Renee Werbowski, Angela Skinner, Dana Munson, Jamie Kleiman, Miriam Monasch and Kari Kelly

Ahna Brandvik and Greta Grosch

Jennifer J. Holt

House Manager: Shannon Buchda
Stage Manager: Sarah Bauer
Crew: Jennifer Long, Tammy Shanley, Delta Giordano and Derek Sandbeck
Graphic Design: Kirsten Hangsleben

Benefit Gala Committee:
Sari Carlson, Jodi Montgomery and Mike Halls

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