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Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

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Eighth Annual 24 Hour Play Project & Benefit Gala
February 7, 2009

The 24-Hour Play Project and Benefit Gala continues Theatre Unbound's mission of providing opportunities to women artists. Playwrights, directors, and actors take on the challenge of writing, rehearsing and propelling new work onto the stage in just 24 hours! The Gala includes a silent auction complete with Survivor themed packages and complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Stacey Poirier

The Winston Will:
Written by Monica Raymond and Toni Halleen
Directed by Markell Kiefer
Featuring Susana Gluck, Brigid Kelley, Kari Kelly, Patricia McKee and Anna Lakin

Rearranging the Sky:
Written by Dan O'Neil and Joy Tamasko
Directed by Barbe Marshall
Featuring Liz Carey-Linskey, Rebecca Gebhart, Paul McGuire and Kecia Rehkamp

How the Amazons Got Their Boobs Back: An epic tale of heterocuriosity:
Written by Ben Egerman and Rachel Teagle
Directed by Claire Avitabile
Featuring Valerie Borey, Muriel Bonertz, Anna Carol, Stephen Houtz, Carin Leonard-Gorrill, Mikael Rudolf and Renee Werbowski

The Sisterhood Avengers:
Written by Katherine Glover and Mahi Palanisami
Directed by Natalie Wilson
Featuring Lacey Piotter and Lina Wiksten

Spin Cycle:
Written by Nick Ryan and Michelle Storm
Directed by Miriam Monasch
Featuring Gail Fraser, Amanda Granger and Nora Montanez

Requiem For A Dance:
Written by Tamara Philbrick Ripley and Anne Bertram
Directed by Cynthia Uhrich
Featuring Colleen Barrett, Anissa Siobhan Brazill and Paul Reyburn

House Manager: Shannon Buchda
Stage Manager: Sarah Bauer
Backstage Manager: Jeni Long
Crew: Joe Frederick, Josue Isaola, Ricq Pattay, Andrew Workman
Board Operators: Julia Carlis, Melanie Schatz-Pattay
Graphic Design: Edward Linder
Photographer: Scott Pakudaitis
Video Crew: Edward Linder, Katharine Horowitz
Pre-show Music: Connie and Herb

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