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Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll & Hyde Play
Written by Lauren Wilson
Directed by Kim Hines
October 31 - November 15, 2009

Good grief! She's undoing my corset!
A zany spin on the familiar tale of good and evil and Victorian repression.


Edward Linder: Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde
Ellen Apel: Euphronia
Mame Pelletier: Ambrosia
Gail Fraser: Rosamunda
Stephen Houtz: Lady Throckmortonshire
Rebecca Gebhart: Calliope/Penelope
Lacey Piotter: Xavier
Caitlin Ray: Ivy
Joey Metzger: Plodgett
Alex Carlson: Constable
Stacey Poirier: Lieutenant

Production Team:

Producer: Stacey Poirier
Director: Kim Hines
Stage Manager: Natalie Wilson
Lighting Design: Julia Carlis
Sound Design: Dixie Treichel
Costume Design: Alexandra Gould
Set Design: Ursula K. Bowden
Props: Anne Bertram and Joey Metzger
Fight Choreography: Brian Hesser
Postcard/Poster Design: Edward Linder
Program Design: Shannon Buchda


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