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Chicks in Space
August 2005
A company created work
Masterminded by Anne Bertram and Amy Ballestad

A valiant womanoid space crew blasts off in search of brave new worlds. Presented in the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

photo from Chicks in Space

The Captain: Stacey Poirier
Rayna: Delta Rae Giordano
The Kid: Shannon Buchda
Madge: Heather C. Brady
Machinal: Shannon Jacobson
Salt Monster: Theodore Linder
Planet Krubs: Virginia M. Krubsack
Bug Planet: Heather K. Wilson, Tyler D. Martin, Anne Bertram, Theodore Linder
Nursery 42: Stephen DeSalvo, Sean Grathwol, Doug Huisken

Director: Anne Bertram
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Katherine Cattrysse
Movement Coach: Heather C. Brady
Costume Design: Sara Schmidt Boldon
Sound Design: Dixie Treichel
Set Design: Amy Ballestad
Prop Design: Anne Bertram
Light Design: Stephanie Drinkard
Graphic Design: Shannon Jacobson



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