Sheila Rowbotham:
There is no "beginning" of feminism in the sense that there is no beginning to defiance in women.

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Girl's Got Pluck
February 2005

An evening of short works by women playwrights from the 10th century to the 20th plays to sold-out houses. "An eye-opening and mind-broadening evening" – Matthew Everett,

"Dulcitius," by Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, directed by company member Virginia Krubsack.

"The Widow's Vow," by Elizabeth Inchbald, directed by Suzy Messerole.

photo from Trifles

"Trifles," by Susan Glaspell, directed by Lindsay Goss.

Dulcitius, by Hrotsvitha (985):
Director: Virginia Krubsack
Assistant Director: Jess Holman
Diocletian: Todd Karner
Agape: Jennifer Conway
Chionia: Penny Dale
Irena: Catherine Hansen
Soldier, Porter, Wife of Dulcitius: Kari Kelly
Soldier, Porter: Elizabeth Ziegler
Sisinnuis: Dwight Gunderson
Dulcitius: Shad Cooper

The Widow's Vow, by Elizabeth Inchbald (1786):
Director: Suzy Messerole
Assistant Director: Gretchen Weinrich
Flora: Renée Sugrue
Jerome, Ursula: Megan Campbell Thiede
Don Antonio: Tina Miller
Donna Isabella: Renée Werbowski
Marquis: Hope Moy
Jennifer Conway: Inis, Carlos
Countess: Elizabeth Ziegler

Trifles, by Susan Glaspell (1916):
Director: Lindsay Goss
County Attorney: Todd Karner
Sheriff Peters: Shad Cooper
Mr. Hale: Dwight Gunderson
Mrs. Hale: Laura Wiebers
Mrs. Peters: Megan Campbell Thiede

Stage Manager: Jeni Long
Dramaturg: Anne Bertram
Costume Design: Alexandra Gould
Lighting Design: Stephanie Drinkard
Set Design: Amy Ballestad
Sound Design: Katharine Horowitz
Prop Design: Stacey Poirier
Graphic Design: Shannon Jacobson
Sound Board Operator: Shannon Buchda


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