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My Sister In This House
Winter 2003
Written by Wendy Kesselman
Directed by Stacey Poirier

A thriller set in 1930s France about two sisters working as maids for the bourgeois and the isolation that drives them to commit murder. This chilling drama explored issues of class and mental illness.


Christine: Kristin Richardson
Lea: Alyssa Cartwright
Madame Danzard: Muriel J. Bonertz
Isabelle: Kia Erdmann

Voice Overs:
Photographer: Richard Fleischman
Medical Examiner: Bruce Abas
Judge: Raine Hokan

Director: Stacey Poirier
Stage Manager: Jo Kaecher
Set Design: Carrie Anderson
Sound Design: Katherine Horowitz
Lighting Design: Josey Balenger
Props: Josey Balenger
Costumes: Anne Bertram, Stacey Poirier and Jeannine Coulombe


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