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Title IX

A new work by Minnesota playwrights Eli Effinger-Weintraub, Jessica Huang, Marcie Rendon and Saymoukda Vongsay

Anygirl struggles to keep her place on the school track team, despite upsets at home and shoes held together with duct tape. Enter a team of extraordinary athletes, past and present, to help her through. Keep your eye on the prize and your heart in the game.

Title IX explores and celebrates the effects that participating in sports can have on women’s lives and how the simple 1972 law has inspired and enabled so many to reach for their goals. The performance is high-energy and interactive. These are stories to get pumped up about!

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Written by Sarah Treem
Directed by Shelli Place

On the eve of a prestigious biology conference, up-and-coming PhD student Rachel wrestles for the truth with Zelda, an established scientist. Their question - why do women menstruate and undergo menopause, when most mammals do not? Zelda promotes "the grandmother hypothesis" - older women who aren't fertile benefit their families by sharing their knowledge. Rachel has a radical new theory that could refute Zelda's claim. The two women dig deep into the secrets of Mother Nature. What are women for?

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DC Theatres Band Together to Shrink Gender Gap

Women's Voices Theatre Festival Slated for Fall 2015

Forty-four theatres in the Washington DC area will each produce a world premiere by a female playwright in 2015.

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Changemaker 2012

Minnesota Women’s Press recognizes Theatre Unbound as an organization working to improve the lives of women and girls.

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