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Is there really such a thing as a “clown visa”?

Stephen Houtz

ALIENS Artist Profile: Stephen Houtz

“My family has been in America since before the Revolutionary War. There are times that I wish I actually were first generation, but it’s kind of weird to think that my family has been here that long.”


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Thanks to Matthew A. Everett of Single White Fringe Geek and Jay Gabler of City Pages for checking out the show and weighing in.

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Cherry and Spoon calls ALIENS… “funny, poignant and timely”

“Aliens with Extraordinary Skills is funny, poignant, and very timely, and deserves a bigger audience than was at the Sunday matinee I attended (which, granted, was one of the last beautiful […]

Miranda Shunkwiler

ALIENS Artist Profile: Miranda Shunkwiler

“My Great Grandmother came over from Germany when she was 2 years old. She was one of my favorite story tellers. Since she was very young when she came over she didn’t have many stories of her time in Germany that I remember, however, I loved listening to her stories of growing up in her family culture. I think my Papa definitely brought some of that culture into his family and my dad brought that to me and my sisters.”

Matt Wall

ALIENS Artist Profile: Matt Wall

“All too many immigration stories involve a harrowing, death-defying flight from danger. But all of them, every one, involves the dream of a better life for the immigrant and their family, the risk that those dreams won’t come true, and the hope that their adoptive country will embrace and shelter them. This perspective is a gift my grandmother gave me, and it’s the perspective I try to keep in mind as our country strives to understand what, from now on, it means to be an immigrant.”

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