What music are you listening to lately (bonus points for tracks with women vocalists or songwriters)?

All things Hamilton!  That includes The Hamilton Mixtape, featuring Andra Day’s version of “Burn”.  She kills it!

What is the first theatre project you ever did?

I was in Sweet Charity back in 2001 as a Spender Girl.  Super fun!

Why should people come to see Mere Trifles?

It focuses on oppression and abuse of women, but it’s not all gloomy.  There’s a lot of humor, and there’s love and bonding in sisterhood.

Mere Trifles celebrates the 100th anniversary of Susan Glaspell’s famous one-act play “Trifles.” Glaspell was a Pulitzer-winning writer and very influential in her day, but few people nowadays have heard of her. Tell us about a woman who you think people should know about (but probably don’t!).

Randi Rhodes!  She’s a talk show host currently running on YouTube weekdays 3-5pm.  She researches her show meticulously, and provides the sources of her information for each show.

Lynda Dahl appears as Loureen and other roles in Mere Trifles. She is thrilled and honored to make her Theatre Unbound debut in this production.  Her most recent theatrical adventure was the debut of Trust at The Lab Theater, a production of Self-Reliant Actor where she took part in its development.  Previous theater credits include Fahrenheit 451 at Theatre in the Round, And She Would Stand Like This for 20% Theatre Company, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Steppingstone Theatre.  Film credits include upcoming films Dragonfly and Twin Cities.  Lynda would like to thank Scott, the love of her life for his constant love and support.

Get tickets to Mere Trifles here.

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