What music are you listening to lately (bonus points for tracks with women vocalists or songwriters)?

Freedom, from the album Lemonade, by Beyoncé.

What is the first theatre project you ever did?

Reciting from memory Captain Picard’s opening credits monologue from Star Trek the Next Generation to my first grade class.

Why should people come to see Mere Trifles?

These stories need witnesses. Domestic violence has a history that we’ve tried to bury and a future we must come together to stop. To do so we need to understand its root causes, provide healing for its effects, then speak out about it in our daily lives. It is a sickness that feeds on silence, and by using our voices to expose it we can come closer to eradicating it.

Mere Trifles celebrates the 100th anniversary of Susan Glaspell’s famous one-act play “Trifles.” Glaspell was a Pulitzer-winning writer and very influential in her day, but few people nowadays have heard of her. Tell us about a woman who you think people should know about (but probably don’t!).

I’m a videographer, editor, and film fan, so it excites me to hear that Joi McMillon, who edited Oscar-hopeful Moonlight with Nat Sanders, is the first African American woman to ever be nominated for film editing (Anne Bauchens was the first woman to be nominated for a Best Editing Oscar for her work on Cleopatra).

Pedro Juan Fonseca appears as the County Attorney and other roles in Mere Trifles. Pedro is honored to help forward Theatre Unbound’s mission. He most recently starred in a Cenex commercial during Super Bowl LI, and will be featured in this summer’s production of Native Gardens at the Guthrie. Recent credits include Baltimore is Burning (Underdog Theatre), Our Town (Daleko Arts), The Palabras Project (Park Square Theatre), daily shows with Science Live Theater (Science Museum of Minnesota), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Children’s Theatre Company), and Othello (Guthrie Theater).

Get tickets to Mere Trifles here.

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