MERE TRIFLES ARTIST PROFILE: Delinda “Oogie” Pushetonequa

What music are you listening to lately (bonus points for tracks with women vocalists or songwriters)?

While driving I tune into MPR Classical Radio, otherwise I switch between listening to Eve’s most recent album Lip Lock, Lindsey Stirling radio on Pandora, and of course St. Paul’s own, Heiruspecs.

What is the first theatre project you ever did?

Songs of Life with Thunderbird Theatre at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS.

Why should people come to see Mere Trifles?

Because it’s a little funny, a little sad, and a whole lot of truth.

Mere Trifles celebrates the 100th anniversary of Susan Glaspell’s famous one-act play “Trifles.” Glaspell was a Pulitzer-winning writer and very influential in her day, but few people nowadays have heard of her. Tell us about a woman who you think people should know about (but probably don’t!).

She isn’t a writer, but she is a female I have admired since finding out about her; Lozen, sister to Geronimo. Not much is known of her, but she was gifted with foresight and could predict the movements of their enemies. She rode alongside her brother, helped their people escape from encroaching enemies, and win many of their battles.

Delinda “Oogie” Pushetonequa appears as Mrs. Hale and other roles in Mere Trifles. She is a nomad originally hailing from the Meskwaki Settlement near Tama, IA. She has a B.A. in American Indian Studies with an emphasis in Theatre from Haskell Indian Nations University, and a MFA in Theatre: Design & Technology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Oogie has acted in primarily Native Theatre focused on telling Native stories by Native playwrights and dabbled in Alaskanized/Indigenized Shakespeare with Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre. However, Oogie is excited to be onstage with Theatre Unbound again; previous performances include Title IX and 24 hour Theatre Smackdown 2017.

Get tickets to Mere Trifles here.

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