ALIENS Artist Profiles: Benjamin Heer

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What’s your favorite (or extraordinary) skill that you had to learn for a show? My favorite skill I had to learn for my part was the pacing of the lines with Stephen.

Why should people come see “Aliens with Extraordinary Skills”? People should see this show because it is so relevant to our times. With all the discourse about this issue, it’s crucial to remember that immigrants are people with dreams and families.

“Aliens” is the story of Nadia, who immigrates to the US from Moldova. How has immigration shaped your story, or your family’s story? My father immigrated to the US from Switzerland to follow his dream of being a dairy farmer in America. Knowing my father’s story has always been such an inspiration to me personally and that one of the reasons he is one of my heroes.

Benjamin Heer (INS 1) is excited to debut with Theatre Unbound and to work with such a talented group of artists. When not on stage or driving along I-94, Ben works on a hydroponic farm in River Falls and takes improv classes with Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret. He is grateful for his parents Sue and Andreas for their support and for his friend Betty for helping him with lines during break. The last production he was a part of was Aethem Theatre’s production of Persuasion, playing the role of Benwick.

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