ALIENS Artist Profiles: Myss Angie

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What’s your favorite (or extraordinary) skill that you had to learn for a show? Acro body balancing.

Why should people come see “Aliens with Extraordinary Skills”? The passionate actors weave a creative and captivating story!

“Aliens” is the story of Nadia, who immigrates to the US from Moldova. How has immigration shaped your story, or your family’s story? My fiancé’s grandmother and grandfather immigrated from Latvia. His grandmother, Velta Sparins, was among the first women biology researchers at the University of Minnesota and made history during the women’s rights movements. She has always been a strength to look up to I am grateful for America to be a place for many to seek refuge and thrive.

Myss Angie (Pole Dance Consultant) is a visionary that believes in helping empower women, strengthening the community, and bringing pole dance and the performance arts to new extremes. She organizes events such as the Minnesota Pole Competitions, Twin Cities Performing Art Convention, and the Shake, Rattle, n’ Pole Show. She is the reigning 2017 Double Pole Champion at the national level and has been teaching, training, and performing pole dance and fitness since 2010 and a pole sport judge since 2014. Her background includes 7 years of work as a mental health counselor, a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Minnesota, and extensive work creating and implementing nutrition programs at a nutrition clinic in 2014. Angie now continues to teach pole fitness and nutrition at Knockout Bodies Pole Studio and works full time behind Pole and Performing Art projects and events.

Aliens with Extraordinary Skills runs September 9-24 at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul. Buy tickets here.

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