ALIENS Artist Profile: Miranda Shunkwiler

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What’s your favorite (or extraordinary) skill that you had to learn for a show? Due to my latex allergy, I learned how to avoid latex balloons and stage manage a show with several balloons!

Why should people come see “Aliens with Extraordinary Skills”? Aliens with Extraordinary Skills is a story that keeps you on your toes. With the witty banter of certain characters to the serious clowning of others it is a great story about how to live life to the fullest, even when faced with serious struggles both physical and mental. Even though I have never dealt with the specific issues some of the characters have to face, I feel like it is extremely relatable. It reminds us that the decisions we make in life may cause us to fall down, but we all have the ability to get right back up again and when we do, we have a story to tell.

“Aliens” is the story of Nadia, who immigrates to the US from Moldova. How has immigration shaped your story, or your family’s story? My Great Grandmother came over from Germany when she was 2 years old. She was one of my favorite story tellers. Since she was very young when she came over she didn’t have many stories of her time in Germany that I remember, however, I loved listening to her stories of growing up in her family culture. I think my Papa definitely brought some of that culture into his family and my dad brought that to me and my sisters.

Miranda Shunkwiler (Stage Manager) is a local theatre artist that enjoys stage management, directing and teaching. Miranda’s recent stage management credits are Classical Actor’s Ensembles’ Volpone and Merchant of Venice, Cromulent Theatre Company’s Henry V, and Minneapolis Musical Theatre’s Leap of Faith. Miranda is also one of the founders of Red Dice Collective, most recently directing their production of Home: The Place Where My Stuff Resides. Miranda also teaches workshops and high school theater classes in local High Schools. Upcoming this winter she will be working once again with Minneapolis Musical Theatre on their production of The Toxic Avenger.

Aliens with Extraordinary Skills runs September 9-24 at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul. Buy tickets here.

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