#BLSummit Day 2

I’m coming home from the Berkshire Leadership Summit for Women in Theatre with new contacts, information and strategies for overcoming obstacles. Ineke Ceder, a co-author of the Wellesley Centers for Women’s report on Women’s Leadership in Resident Theaters, got my attention when she said that never before had she seen a community respond to such a report by following up with action in the form of a summit like this. Here are a few other quotes to pique your interest:

“Procedures may threaten to strangle the function. Have some revolutionaries around.” - Pat Bonner-DuVal, Bonner Enterprises

“It really makes a difference if the art is about you or about your experience.” Martha Richards, WomenArts

“Don’t take the numbers personally.” - Julie Hennrikus, StageSource

“We all have to MacGyver our success.” - Joy Meads, the Kilroys

The photo shows the plenary panel on “Leading on while Passing the Baton,” with Liz Diamond, Hana Sharif and Martha Richards. Check out videos from the conference on HowlRound TV.

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