So You Think You Know the Smackdown

You know that once a year, Theatre Unbound assembles 40+ of the Twin Cities’ most bad-ass women (and men) theatre artists to create and stage 6 new short plays in the course of a single day.

You know you’ll be cheering and shouting and waving foam fingers.

You know your host SMACK TALK VANSELOW will absolutely astonish you.

You know you can buy tickets here.

But you might not know that this year,

In addition to the ingredients you voted for, the plays will incorporate ingredients contributed by local women artistic directors. Michelle Hensley from Ten Thousand Things, Wendy Knox from Frank Theatre, Kate Powers from The Redeeming Time Project, Rhiana Yazzie from New Native Theatre, Sarah Rasmussen from Jungle Theater, and Liz Neerland from nimbus have dreamed up wild, inspiring elements for our artists to include.

Smack Talk will be joined by the fabulous VERISIMILITUDE HIPTOSS. Veri says, “I’m soooooo looking forward to uplifting this Smackdown event into an affair to remember in the 21st century with a little of my personal flair. Smack Talk won’t even see what’s coming.”

We have a hashtag. #tusmackdown2018. Use and follow!

Ingredient voting is now closed. Join us for the show on Saturday to see what the artists make of the results!

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