MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Ashembaga (Ashe) Jaafaru

Have you binge-watched anything lately, and if so, what? The only thing I’ve been able to binge watch is my script/lines for the show. Lol

What’s something you wish you could do on stage but have never had the chance to do? I would love to do a show with African Dance!

What’s your favorite line in Measure for Measure, and why? “Where is the provost?!”

Why should people come see this show? This show is STILL relevant for today—this story illustrates and highlights the conflict/discourse between gender normativity, the ill-will of patriarchy and rape culture and how marginalized people navigate their agency in the midst of it all.

Ashembaga (Ashe) Jaafaru appears as Isabel in Measure for Measure. She studied Theatre Arts and English at Hamline University. Her past theatre credits include: Great River Shakespeare Festival (Apprenticeship Program) various plays at Hamline University, Making Waves: Hamline University Social Justice Theatre Troupe, Penumbra Theatre (Summer Institute Program), Eugene O’Neill Center (National Theatre Institute), and MN Fringe Festival productions. Ashe is an avid learner and enjoys playwriting, acting and directing. She strongly believes in art for social change and the power of what the stage can do for people.

Tickets for Measure for Measure are available here.

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