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Theatre Unbound - The Buzz

Silkworms (2013-14)

...gets back to the very roots of live theater, and reminds us again just how compelling and powerful it can be. (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

Girl Shorts 2014 (2013-14)

Now bigger and better! (City Pages)

24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2014 (2013-14)

The resulting plays could crash and burn, turn out mind-blowingly awesome, or maybe a head-spinning combination of the two. (City Pages)

Unraveled (2013-14)

...messy, honest and painful - a bit like life at these points. (City Pages)

Girl Shorts (2012-13)

There is absolutely something for everyone in a single evening.... You may not cry, but you’ll laugh, you’ll ponder, and you’ll be glad you came. (Aisle Say Twin Cities)

I thoroughly enjoyed myself - what a wonderful variety of thought-provoking and fun work. (Audience review)

24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown (2012-13)

Artists really like the challenge. (City Pages)

Theatre Unbound has hit the mark with this year's smackdown. (Aisle Say Twin Cities)

Featuring some of the Twin Cities' best female theatre artists. (Minnesota Women's Press)

The Good Fight (2012-13)

The play powerfully dramatizes a significant era for women. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

When you go to see the premiere of a new play, this is the kind of thing you hope to see. It's doubly wonderful because it's so rare. (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

Julius Caesar (2011-12)

I've seen 'Julius Caesar' three times and this is the first time it made sense to me. (Audience review)

...the production seemed to negate the question of gender altogether. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Anna Bella Eema (2011-12)

...a fractured operetta about the inchoate, wild countours of the distinctly feminine interior landscape. (KnightArts blog)

Murderess (2010-11)

Emotionally compelling...terrifying...darkly comedic. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

From start to finish, entertaining, intelligent, witty and funny. (Audience review)

10 Virgins (2010-11)

...passionate and romantic...most definitely thought-provoking. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

24-Hour Play Project 2011 (2010-11)

Time pressures tend to unleash some amazing creativity. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Masquerade Benefit Gala (2010-11)

What mask will YOU be wearing? ()

The Most Massive Woman Wins (2009-10)

A must-see! (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

Aphra's Attic: Plays by Early Women Playwrights (2009-10) intriguing proposition. (City Pages)

Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll & Hyde Play (2009-10)

...the Bernie Madoffs of Wall Street...knew what they were doing, just at Dr. Jekyll knows what he is doing. (Kim Hines, director)

Expecting Isabel (2009-10)

Delightful and frighteningly funny (How Was The Show)

24-Hour Play Project 2010 (2009-10)

We do it because we have a need to test our limits. (Renee Werbowski, participating artist)

Medea: A Noh Cycle (2009-10)

...this forceful production illuminates the misogyny and injustice that compel [Medea] to vengeance. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Brilliant Traces (2008-09)

Linder and Poirier paint their characters with subtle yet purposeful strokes. (City Pages)

Babe: An Olympian Musical (2008-09)

Breaks as much ground in theater as its amazing lead character did in sports. (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

How I Learned To Drive (2008-09)

Paula Vogel and Theatre Unbound dare to tell the truth. (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

24-Hour Play Project 2009 (2008-09)

Prominent local artists walk the tightrope of on-the-spot creation. (City Pages)

Quilters (2008-09)

You are telling my mother's and my grandmother's stories! (Audience review)

Frankenstein Incarnate: The Passions of Mary Shelley (2007-08)

A work overflowing with ideas and understanding. (City Pages)

24-Hour Play Project 2008 (2007-08)

Everyone jumps in with both feet. Everyone seems to make broader, braver choices. (Ahna Brandvik, participating artist)

Directors' Gym 2008 (2007-08)

The variety and challenge this project provides is energizing! (Participating Director)

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) (2007-08)

Delta Giordano, in a completely fetching performance, plays Constance as brainy but self-thwarting, afraid of the passions to which she is entirely enthralled. (City Pages)

Shattered (2006-07)

Smartly written, smartly performed. (Audience Review)

The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women (2006-07)

Stacey Poirier steals the show as the most ferocious of the feminists. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

The Tempest (2005-06)

A winner (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Women! Live On Stage! (2005-06)

Dazzling...a theatrical feast (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Beautiful and exuberant! (Audience Review)

Piece of My Heart (2005-06)

One of the top regional productions I have seen. (Shirley Lauro, playwright)

Boy Gets Girl (2004-05)

Theatre Unbound stares without flinching at the destruction of a woman's life, in a world where the innocent aren't guaranteed safety... (City Pages)

Girl's Got Pluck (2004-05)

Just when you thought the straight-white-male version of history and art was becoming more irrevocably entrenched, Theatre Unbound dashes to the rescue. (Lavender Magazine)

24-Hour Play Project 2005 (2004-05)

Always interesting and funny. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Directors' Gym 2005 (2004-05)

I was able to work with some fine actors who helped me to shape and form this project into something that not only made sense, but speaks volumes. (Virginia Krubsack, Participating director)

The Love Talker (2003-04)

Riveting. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Sherry's Basement (2003-04)

Blessed with a certain loopy charm. (City Pages)

24-Hour Play Project 2004 (2003-04)

Guaranteed to depict females as wearing their brains a hell of a lot higher than their brassieres. (Pulse of the Twin Cities)

Directors' Gym 2004 (2003-04)

A wonderful challenge in creativity. (Kelly McGowan, Participating director)

Bits and Pieces (2003-04)

...a poignant statement about a generation suppressing its most fervent emotions underneath a Paxil haze. (City Pages)

Simply Gerta (2002-03)

Theatre Unbound looked at the possiblity and potential of my words, where I could be, rather than where I had been. That's a rare and honorable artistic choice. (Carol Critchley, playwright)

My Sister In This House (2002-03)

Bold...a disquieting tragedy. (City Pages)

Directors' Gym 2003 (2002-03)

This project was very refreshing for me, and a little bit scary. It has been a wonderful opportunity to play. (Kristin Richardson, Participating director)

24-Hour Play Project 2003 (2002-03)

The thrill, the exhilaration, and the sense of pride and accomplishment more than make up for the fear, the doubts, and the worry. Not to mention the lack of sleep. (Betty Liedtke, Participating playwright)

Medea (2000-01)

Bone-chilling (Audience review)