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Delinda "Oogie" Pushetonequa

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profiles: Delinda “Oogie” Pushetonequa

Shakespeare speaks universal truths and we are forced to ask ourselves “Have we, as human beings, really changed?” And also, “Where have I given up my power or exercised it and how has that affected the world around me?” In an era of #metoo and #neveragain the latter is the most important question we can contemplate, shift, and act upon.

Lynda Dahl

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Lynda Dahl

What’s your favorite line in Measure for Measure, and why? “Ay, but yet let us be keen and rather cut a little.” I like the sharp sound of the consonants.

Nicole Goeden

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Nicole Goeden

Nicole Goeden is excited to return to Theatre Unbound after performing in Mere Trifles last spring. Other Minnesota companies she has worked with include Classical Actors Ensemble, Open Window Theatre, […]

Boo Segersin Headshot

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Boo Segersin

What’s your favorite line in Measure for Measure, and why? “For being a bawd. For being a bawd.” because it is so so so much fun to say.

So You Think You Know the Smackdown

You know that once a year, Theatre Unbound assembles 40+ of the Twin Cities’ most bad-ass women (and men) theatre artists to create and stage 6 new short plays in […]

#BLSummit Day 2

I’m coming home from the Berkshire Leadership Summit for Women in Theatre with new contacts, information and strategies for overcoming obstacles. Ineke Ceder, a co-author of the Wellesley Centers for […]

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