Theatre Unbound Fringe Festival Picks 2016

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Minnesota Fringe Festival
August 4-14, 2016

Theatre Unbound brings women’s stories to the stage and we support other companies that do the same. Here are our Top Picks for great Fringe shows by and about women:

by SunsetGun Productions

All Night Check: Beautiful Young Ladies to Perform for You
by The Wandering Uterus Project

Bird of Seven Colors
by Erin Sheppard Presents

Couple Fight II: Friends and Family
By Weggel-Reed Productions

By Pipermonkey

By Presence

Mother's Milk
By InnerVoice

No Limits
By Renew Hope

By Savage Umbrella

by Vox Medusa

Shaken - and Stirred
by Jawaahir Dance Company

Sometimes There's Wine
by Shanan Custer & Carolyn Pool

The Abortion Chronicles
By The Red Letter Society

The Chair-Builders
By Catalog Models

There's No Coffee in Heaven
By Jayme Allen

What I Thought I Saw: Random Acts of Blindness
By Dreamland Arts

When She Became Me: a pro-choice play about abortion
By Constructed Theatre

And of course don't miss ...

For Worse
By Theatre Unbound