Girl Shorts 2015

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March 7-15, 2015

A festival of one-act plays and short films by women, about women. Featuring Table Salt Productions, 20% Theatre Company, Gadfly Theatre Productions, Raw Sugar and more.


Set A - appropriate for ages 14+
Theatre Unbound presents: The Illuminati in Drama Libre by Alice Gerstenberg
20% Theatre Company presents: Whiskeytown by Seraphina Nova
Gadfly Theatre Productions presents: QUEER! Girlz

Set B - appropriate for ages 14+
Theatre Unbound presents: Lily by Sally Nemeth
Theatre Unbound presents: Heartshell by Heather C. Brady and Anne Bertram
Table Salt Productions presents: Shades of Ginger by Rachael Brogan Flanery

Set C - appropriate for ages 12+
Theatre Unbound presents: Workout by Wendy Wasserstein
Theatre Unbound presents: Voices by Hortense Flexner
Erin Sheppard Presents presents: Perception is Reality
Raw Sugar presents: Synchronicity by Jenny Moeller and Rebekah Rentzel

Performance Dates:
Saturday, March 7 1:00pm - Set C
2:30pm - Set A
4:00pm - Set B
Sunday, March 8 1:00pm - Set A
2:30pm - Set B
4:00pm - Set C
Saturday, March 14 1:00pm - Set C
2:30pm - Set B
4:00pm - Set A
5:30pm - Set C
7:00pm - Set B
8:30pm - Set A
Sunday, March 15 1:00pm - Set B
2:30pm - Set C
4:00pm - Set A

Performance Location:

People's Center Theatre
425 20th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55454


Smackdown: An Extreme Documentary (TMJ Productions)
Diem (Amber Johnson)
A New Atlas (PaperCuts Productions)
Looking Past You (Thomas/Kramer Production)
Letters from Grandma (Capra Creations Productions)
Deposit Box (Girls Aren't Funny Productions)
I Am From (Reel Nomad Productions)

Thursday, March 12
Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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Girl Shorts 2015 is made possible in part by a grant from the Carolyn Foundation.