Girl Shorts 2015

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Set C (appropriate for ages 12+)

Theatre Unbound presents: Workout by Wendy Wasserstein
Directed by Stacey Poirier
Featuring Renee Werbowski
She’s an aerobics instructor, novelist, electrician, appliance store entrepreneur, wife, mother and one-woman film producer - a humorous and exhaustive take on "having it all."

Theatre Unbound presents: Voices by Hortense Flexner
Directed by Mel Day
Featuring Shana Berg and Cynthia Hornbeck
Amid the ruins of Domremy, can the lingering spirit of Jeanne D’Arc rally the women of France to put an end to the war?

Erin Sheppard Presents presents: Perception is Reality
Featuring Rhett Romsaas, Jessica Schilling and Erin Sheppard
Erin Sheppard Presents is a dance theatre company that specializes in storytelling through dance and movement. Most recently they were part of the Twin Cities Horror Festival with Dance with the Devil and the MN Fringe Festival with Everyday Hustle. They strive to make dance performance accessible and entertaining.

Raw Sugar presents: Synchronicity
Created by Jenny Moeller and Rebekah Rentzel
Featuring Sulia Altenberg, Constance Brevell, Michelle Casali, Danielle Krivinchuk and Sarah Parker
It is the day of the competition. A small band of un-athletic girls from the city’s summer youth program all have their own reasons for being there. But stress is weighing on the team of 11-year-olds and tensions rise as they dream of glory - to win this year's Summer Synchronized Swim Meet!