Theatre Unbound - 24-Hour Play Project 2003

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Second Annual 24-Hour Play Project and Benefit Gala

March 8, 2003

Six new short plays featuring women theatre artists will be written, rehearsed and staged within a twenty-four hour period. Go!!

The Plays:

You Are the TRUE LORD of the DANCE
no matter what those idiots at work Say

  • Written by Cherie Anderson and JF Bueche
  • Directed by Andrea McAvey
  • Featuring Peg Flaherty, Katherine Larsen, Emily Kollars, Alia Mortensen, Colleen Buckman, Cori White

Tess's Lament

  • Written by Betty Liedtke and Eli Jean Weintraub
  • Directed by Ellen Fenster
  • Featuring Doree Dutoit, Delta Rae Giordano, Tyler Martin

The Promotion

  • Written by Connie Ross
  • Directed by Bobbi McCrea
  • Featuring Emily Kollars, Rick Logan, Laurie Pogue, Amy Salloway, Cori White, Rebecca Yoho

Peace and Freedom (Bright Green Silo)

  • Written by Jennifer Paige and Anne Bertram
  • Directed by Sarah Gioia
  • Featuring Tina Miller, Laura Wiebers

I Humbly Apologize for my Leader. Everything He Says and Does
is an Embarrassment to us All.

  • Written by Carol Critchley and Matthew A. Everett
  • Directed by Kristin Richardson
  • Featuring Cherie Anderson, Connie Dussl, Peg Flaherty, Matt Gaffney, Tyler Martin, Alia Mortensen, Stacey Poirier, Amy Zimmerman

It's Getting Hot In Here

  • Written by Laurel Osterkamp and Stacey Poirier
  • Directed by Ahna Brandvik
  • Featuring Ahna Brandvik, Heather Bray, Edward Linder, Heather Stone