Theatre Unbound - Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2012

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24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown

(Formerly known as the 24-Hour Play Project)

with your emcee Crushinator the Corset Buster
and lovely assistant Maddie “The Baddie”

January 14, 2012
8:00 PM

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! 40 playwrights, directors and actors - 24 hours - 6 new plays featuring some of the Twin Cities most bad-ass female theatre artists! Theatrical thrills, spills, triumphs and tragedies - you witness the results - one night only!

"Amazing creativity!" - Minneapolis Star Tribune


Anne Simley Theatre
Hamline University
1536 Hewitt Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104


We invite the general public to vote among ingredients such as a line of dialog, an emotion, a prop, or a stage direction. On Friday evening at 9:00 pm, we reveal the winning ingredients to six teams of two playwrights, who must include all the ingredients in their scripts. At 6:00 on Saturday morning, the newly written plays are assigned directors, a cast, and rehearsal time. Rehearsals are conducted throughout the day - technical rehearsals skid to a halt just in time for the doors to open. Performances start at 8:00 PM!


Daphne Olsenson's 18th Birthday

Written by Heather “The Giant” Meyer & Ben “The Velvet Fist” Tallen
Directed by Cherie “The Freakin” Faerie” Anderson
Featuring L.B. “The Crusher” Fitz, Dani “The Devil Daisy” Krivinchuk, Mame “The Maimiac” Pelletier, Mickaylee “Slammer” Shaughnessy, & Erin “The German” Sheppard

The Wild Child of Versailles

Written by Troy “Adventure is Out There!” Iverson & Michelle “Skinned Knees” Storm
Directed by “Jitterbug” Jenna Papke
Featuring Charla “Chocolate Thunder” Bailey, Tiffany “The Tornado” Cornwell, “Big” Ali “Slamdown” Gould, David “Bada Boom Bada Boom Boom” Schlosser, & Adam “The Alpha Male” Western

Broken Together

Written by Mike “The Maniac” Hentges & Toni “No, I don’t have a reservation” Halleen
Directed by Crystal “Red” Schneider
Featuring Otto “Powerstroke” Linder, Roneet “Rarrr” Rahamim, Sara “The Terminator” Truesdale & Laura “Lethal” Wiebers

Lessons of the Woods

Written by Eli Effinger-Weintraub “The Death Merchant of Venice” & Katherine “Wait, Do You Live Here?” Glover
Directed by Anya “Curly Fry” Kremenetsky
Featuring Nicole “Destroy Your Joy” Frethem, Tyler “The Manic Menace” Martin, & Megan “V‑dub” Volkman‑Wilson

A Foolish Consistency

Written by Lana “Sparkle Vampire” Aylesworth & Megan “Megatron” Lembke
Directed by “Hellcat” Maggie Scanlan
Featuring Samuel “Screech” Ahern, Kara “Polish Lightning” Greshwalk, Taous “Big Hair” Khazem, & Tyler “Bangarang” Stamm


Written by Ruth Virkus “The Ruthless” & Brian “The Subtle Flamethrower” Watson-Jones
Directed by Sarah “On The Rocks” Teich
Featuring “Voracious” Virginia Krubsack, Andie “All Toughy” Olthoff, & Victoria “The Juggernaut” Pyan


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