24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2014

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January 11, 2014

6 new plays created in just 24 hours with some of the Twin Cities' most bad-ass female theatre artists! Theatrical thrills, spills, triumphs and tragedies – you witness the results - one night only!

Performance Location:

The Woman's Club of Minneapolis
410 Oak Grove Street
Minneapolis, MN 55403


Emcee: Crushinator the Corset Buster
Xtreme Cheerleaders: Heather "Black Leather" Brady, "Rocco Sockem" Rick Logan
Xtreme SmackCasters: "Jumpin" JoAnn Fernandez, Erica "Legs" Lindquist


In November, we invited the general public to suggest ingredients to include in the Smackdown scripts. In December, we conducted voting on those suggestions. On Friday evening at 9:00 PM, we revealed the winning ingredients to six teams of playwrights, who had to include all of those ingredients in their scripts. At 6:00 AM on Saturday morning, the newly written plays were assigned directors and actors. Rehearsals skidded to a halt just in time for the doors to open.

2014 Ingredients:

Line of Dialogue:
"If I had only learned Norwegian."
Submitted by Valerie Borey

An Object:
A monocle
Submitted by Liz Johnson

An Emotion:
Complete, absolute confidence, no matter what
Submitted by Maureen Henderson

One actor must touch another actor at all times
Submitted by Anissa Lubbers

Theatre Unbound Pick:
A polar vortex


Color Guardians

Written by: Eli "Death Merchant of Venice" Effinger-Weintraub, Jessica "License to Quill" Huang
Directed by: Meg "The Mangler" Greivell
Featuring: Heather "H-Bomb" Burmeister, Scot "Dizzle" Moore, Erin "Bobbin Weave" Sheppard, David "schlos-en-ator" Schlosser

Oui, Ja

Written by: Valerie "The Norn of Scorn" Borey, Nathan "Atomic Piper" Schilz
Directed by: Cynthia "The In-Cyn-erator" Uhrich
Featuring: Andie "The Annihilator" Olthoff, David "Ballz-Out Bungler" Coral, Margaret "Baby MacDeath" McDonald

Talking Pollyana
or - if you wanna see me do my thing, baby pull my string

Written by: "FireChild" Brenda Bell Brown ("I will light you up!"), "Rowdy" Rhiana Yazzie
Directed by: Alissa "The Timelord" Blaeser
Featuring: Kristen "BadgerBadass" Mathisen, Sarah "The Sour-Patch Kid" Parker, Shalee "The Showman" Coleman, Virginia "Gingersnap" Krubsack

Blind Intervention

Written by: Abby "Abigator the Dominator" Swafford, Mike "Skyscraper" Hentges
Directed by: Callie "The Silencer" Meiners
Featuring: Alison "Alligator" Anderson, Adam "The Funk Fighter" Western, "Teeth-Taking" Tyler Martin, Linda "Sassy Ell Ell Bee" Berglund, Mohmammed "Delta" Yabdri, Charla Marie "Chocolate Thunder" Bailey

Tender Ursae

Written by: Heather "Lady Hands" Meyer, Ben "Five Point Palm Exploding Pun Technique" Tallen
Directed by: Jessica "The Judge" Johnson Frohling
Featuring: Catherine "The Kicker" Hansen, Jenn "The Hungarian Hurricane" Kudelka, Victoria "Drunken Potato Famine" Pyan

The Case of the Noisy Neighbor

Written by: Katherine "Ass Kicker" Glover, Brian "The Wolfguard" Watson-Jones
Directed by: Jenny Marie "Midnight Thunder" Moeller
Featuring: Rachael "Radaizies" Davies, Amanda "Da Bomb" Thomm, Christy "Cherry Pop" Ellis, Jamila "The Green Eyed Monster" Anderson, Siddeeqah "Sha-bad-ass" Shabazz

Smackdown Staff:

Box Office Manager: Anne "Vegetarian Vegetable" Bertram
Stage Manager: Lyndsey "Three Hands" Harter
Light Board: Brittany "The Whip" Pooladian
Backstage Crew: Jeni "The Mad Hatter" Long, "Sassafras" Sadie Ward
Playwright Wrangler: Matthew "Deus Ex Machine Blues" Everett
Actor/Director Wrangler: Delta "Fugheddaboudit" Giordano
Craft Services: Crystal "Meth" Schneider
Volunteer Coordinator: Kari "Ima Kut You" Kelly
Web Guru: Laura "Lemme at 'em" Wiebers
Photography: Scott "The Manic Squirrel" Pakudaitis
Videography: TMJ Productions and SPNN
Graphic Design: "Pixel Man" Greg Vanselow


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