Girl Shorts 2014

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Set C

Mad Munchkin Productions presents:
Monster Bloodbath
An original work, written and composed by Jen Rand
Inspired by a work by Derek Sandbeck and Ben Roesler
Live Action directed by Jen Rand
Shadow Puppetry directed by Laura Wilhelm
Fight Choreography by Meredith Larson
Featuring Meredith Larson, Marc Berg, Rhiannon Fisk, Aaron Radatz, and Josh Vogen

What do you get when a little girl is forced to take matters into her own hands after her disbelieving family ignores her desperate tales of creatures lurking beneath her bed? Why Monster Bloodbath, of course! This new piece features shadow puppets, fight choreography set to music, and plenty of mayhem!

Founded in 2005, Mad Munchkin Productions collaboratively creates theatrical works of imagination and imagery that touch the humanity, humility, and humor in all of us. We strive to bring together artists of different backgrounds, perspectives, and methods of study or work to bring to life performances before diverse audiences that will leave their mind or souls challenged and invigorated.

Theatre Unbound presents:
Tender Offer
Written by Wendy Wasserstein
Directed by Meggie Greivell
Featuring Bruce Abas and Abby Hawkinson

Lisa is waiting for her father to pick her up from a dance recital - which he missed. When he arrives, late, there is stalling and pouting and arguing and finally a really good heart to heart. Can they create a closer relationship?

Theatre Unbound presents:
Deaf Day
Written by Leslie Ayvazian
Directed by Nicole Wilder
Featuring Julie Phillips

A young deaf mother encourages her deaf son to interact with hearing children by creating a practice day at a local park. On the surface, this may seem harmless enough. However, it opens up questions of identify and acceptance, not only for her son, but for the mother herself. What does it mean to fit in? What is gained, and what is lost?